Saturday, March 19, 2011

Conservatives: Making America Miserable

According to Gallup, the least happy person in America is:

[A] short, middle-aged, childless Muslim woman who is separated from her husband and earns less than $12,000 year. She lives in West Virginia and is an unemployed manufacturing worker.

This person does not necessarily exist. But if we choose to believe Gallup's indicators of happiness, anyone with that profile would find life blows in America. But wait... these indicators are tied to discrimination against women and Muslims, contempt for the poor and thinking procreation and marriage are the be-all-end-all of life. These aren't indicators of being unhappy in America - they're indicators of being unhappy in conservative America.

This unhappy woman might actually be pretty chipper if she lived in, say, Berkeley, California instead. Here's a city that probably teems with happy unmarried middle-aged female Muslim midgets on low incomes who are attracted by the area's healthy dearth of judgmental conservative miserablism. In other words, this poll just tells us that conservatives are making America unhappy.


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