Friday, February 11, 2011

America Under Attack... Blah Blah Blah

Folks always get dramatic about America being "under attack". Hell, they were probably on that kick before the ink was dry on the Declaration of Independence... Paranoia: it's the American way. But with the rise of today's neofeudal wingnuts and our lurch toward fascism these days, to say "America is under attack" seems not so dramatic as "meh".

We're in a perfect storm: There's a crypto-Republican president leading a party of gutless f*cks further to the right... a party of dumpster whores on the other side who've sold themselves so much they don't even know whose corporate jizz is dribbling from their snatches, all squatted atop a country that's never been so jaded and disinterested. So now what?

Opportunists who could never hope to sell their sh*tty agendas in a million normal years pop up to fill the discernment void... witness this year's CPAC and their wacky line-up of conservative speakers.

There's former pizza boy, tea partier and potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain prattling about "the objective of the liberals is to destroy America," and how they want to make us into the "United States of Europe". And no-one even laughs or prescribes anti-psychotics.

Then there's tired ol' Ron Paul getting down on his knees one more time to sell feudalism as punk rock politics to the kids. Here comes Ron... Like an old pedo in a van waving Justin Bieber tickets, he asks his audience of young libertarians:

"Would you consider opting out of the whole system under one condition? You pay 10% of your income, but you take care of yourself. Don't asked the government for anything?"

"Whoo-hoo" they whoop and holler. (Damn. Even our kids are guileless retards these days.)

Do you feel like we've entered some circle of hell reserved for people who are too lazy to care? I do.  Maybe we deserve this half-witted sh*t. Maybe we've asked for this through our apathy and ignorance. (Sold out? If this is political reality, we're down to the the remainder bin...)

Cain also said "stupid people are ruining America." I couldn't agree more. He and Paul are the stupid leading the stupid and they are literally ruining this f*cking country. God help us.


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  1. Well, it had to go sometime. Even Rome and Greece fell. . . I guess with mass media and global communications we're on an excellerated timeline.


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