Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thought For The Day: Kill The Rich

Why do they dress it up and call it 'Globalism'?

Folks blame this sinister 'ism' for crappy wages in America, small businesses dropping in droves and the fact that we hemorrhage jobs overseas like a stuck pig. Globalism is a big 'bete noir' for 'baggers, paranoid libertarians and progressives alike but... there's a better name for it: greed.

Globalism doesn't really exist. It's a fancy term that provides handy cover for greedy f*ck CEOs in the US who'd sooner eat leper sh*t than invest one copper penny back into their own country through taxation or job creation. Globalism? Greedyf*ckism more like.

Man, this stuff irks me more than somewhat. So, at the risk of offending our post-Tucson civility, could I wonder when our lazy-ass proles will finally get around to killing the rich who take so much delight in sh*tting on them? I'd be all on board with the Second Amendment for that one. And will we ever get the collective energy to lynch the Koch brothers? Will we ever be dragging those smug pr*cks on wall Street out into the street for a Rwandan-style machete party? (BTW, I'm not actually advocating killing the rich... just saying I'd be happier than a retard at Chuck-E-Cheezes if someone did.).

Maybe my anger for today is motivated by big Keith finally getting the bum's rush from MSNBC. Thanks to the new Comcast/NBC merger, seems leaning left is no longer an option in case Fox gets annoyed and pulls their networks from Comcast. Damn. There really are no lengths corporate America won't go to to make people who work for a living feel less represented. Bye Keith!


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