Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lies, Damned Lies & Conservative Opinion

The dominant theme amongst the wingnut bloggers is that the shooting in Tucson should not be politicized (not sure how you discuss a political assassination attempt apolitically but...) and if we must politicize it, let's make sure to paint Jared Lee Loughner as a liberal. It's a desperate scramble.

But there's overwhelming evidence of Loughner's less than liberal tendencies:

1) He listed Mein Kampf as a favorite book on his online profile.
2) He was obsessed with the Constitution and federalism.
3) He was a strong 2nd Amendment advocate and gun enthusiast.
3) He was a strong supporter of returning to the gold standard.
4) He had ties to anti-immigration groups and Nazis.

This is straightforward libertarian pseudo intellectualism with added Nazi bullsh*t - nothing to do with liberalism. So could we cut the crap?



  1. It matters not what he was or is, no matter the facts the loud mouthed teabaggers and Hannity and Beck will all say
    "I am shocked shocked there is gambling going on here..."
    And then take their cash and continue their hate fest...funny Palin took the crosshairs page down.. so they DO UNDERSTAND WORDS MATTER...

  2. Herb,
    I'm becoming more and more convinced that right or left we are all being played by a group of elite power mongers who actually control it all. They use tried and true processes that have been used for centuries.
    They don't care who is president or who is winning politically. All they care about is keeping the desperate masses focused on each other rather than them who have their foot on the throats of working people.
    If I'm more worried about illegal immigrants or a vast right wing conspiracy than why the fuck wages are dropping for the working class and where the fuck working class jobs are going, then all is well for them. And if we do begin to question what's REALLY happening in America, I guarantee you a national crisis will arise either real or perceived and the focus will go back upon each other rather than those who have us under their thumb.

  3. Sag,
    I've been thinking that for years - ever since I was a teenage anarchist! It's all a fix with the rich running the world and governments in place to keep the poor majority from trampling down the tiny minority of wealthy elites.

    The only trouble with this take on the system is that you inevitably end up agreeing with Marx. But he was balls-on with his summing up: the workers (proletariat) are totally under the thumb of the bourgeoisie (owners) and government exists only to protect the owners. This was why Marx theorized that the end of revolution would be the 'withering away' of government altogether. Made sense philosophically in that there would be no need to keep the majority down if the majority ruled and the bourgeoisie no longer existed. Shame it never worked out that way though! Oh well...


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