Friday, December 3, 2010

Stockholm Sydrome?

Can't argue with this... at least I can't:

"It was the right time to quit, because if I had still been smoking this week, I would have been sorely tempted to stab a butt out in my eyes, to spare me from having to witness a Democratic presidential administration fly apart at the seams...and not because of some nefarious right-wing plot or media malfeasance. No, Mr. Obama and the pinheads who advise him did this to themselves, and it is disgraceful beyond all measure to behold."

Says William Rivers Pitt at Truthout. He goes on to talk about the various explanations floating around to explain Obama's monumental failure to live up to his own promise:

There is a lot of talk about Mr. Obama's character, or lack thereof, these days. He's not a fighter, he's too conciliatory, he's weak, he's unprepared, he's a secret Republican, etc. I have an outside-the-box theory about Obama that may explain all this: Stockholm Syndrome. The malady arises when a hostage situation goes on long enough that the hostages begin to identify with their captors, and in some cases, go so far as to stand up for them, and even defend them in public and in the courts. The GOP has been pounding on Mr. Obama since his presidential campaign began almost four years ago, and I think the pressure and stress might have blended his sense of direction. Left has suddenly become right, and the Democratic President of the United States has become the most eloquent advocate for everything he was elected to put a stop to.

Stockholm syndrome? It might be an 'outside-the-box theory' but, really, does it seem so far-fetched when you see Obama on TV, all doe-eyed and weirdly tranquilized, still blathering about "reaching across" to a bunch of thugs who'd only reach back so they could clamp their hands around his throat? Yup, it's starting to look like president Patty Hearst got elected.


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