Thursday, December 2, 2010

DADT: Conservatives Think The Troops Are P*ssies

Picture courtesy of the Fried Wire archives...

John McCain is still burning up government time on the (literally) no-brainer issue of DADT. For him, repealing this dumb policy would be "premature".

Man, it really makes me laugh how conservatives like McCain push 'support our troops' into some kind of militarist religion but happily insult those same troops by projecting their own homophobic neuroses onto them. Every time some bigoted tw*t starts yapping about DADT, the implication is that the troops are just too fragile, too overly sensitive to mix it up with gays. Like they can dodge bullets, risk death every day but can't handle the idea of sharing a shower with a gay dude in case he catches a glimpse of their wiener? It's truly pathetic.

Douche bag McCain, more than anyone else, needs to man up, shut up and get psychiatric counseling instead of seeking to rationalize his own phobias by dressing them up as policy arguments. Can you imagine that Geico ad with R. Lee Ermey yelling at McCain "You know what makes me sad? You do, you homophobic jack wagon!"

Just as with racism, I no longer see the viciousness so much. Granted, I'm neither gay or non-white so I do have the luxury of detachment. But from my perspective, all I see are scared, inadequate little people who should be more pitied than despised. All these 'isms' and the 'ists' who perpetuate them are just pathetic.


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