Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sadism v. Dinner

This is just one of the countless ways in which I differ from Sarah Palin. She's calling non sport hunters hypocrites for suggesting she gets off on killing critters:

"Unless you've never worn leather shoes, sat upon a leather chair or eaten meat, save your condemnation."

Nope. Bullsh*t. Maybe if I ever appear on TV laughing as some unfortunate cow gets a bolt in the head to make me shoes, we can talk. But until then STFU.

Although I refer to myself as a 'redneck' I've never shot anything (or anyone) for fun. I've killed a couple of things when I was younger. But I ate them. I enjoyed running around in the woods, the hunt itself.  But I didn't relish the actual kill. In fact it made me feel a little sad and introspective... So, unlike Palin, I didn't take photos of myself gloating over the corpses (well, they were rabbits so that would have looked pretty dumb anyway). It was just dinner with exercise thrown in.

I tried watching Palin's Alaska the other day. That show was a full hour of Palin whining about everything. The only time she seemed happy was when she was punching the air after shooting another deer who'd unwisely stumbled into range. But blasting stationary deer to death using a telescopic sight and then congratulating yourself like you've done something more challenging than flicking on light switch? This woman, I thought, must be a straight f*cking sadist.

While sport hunting might be good ol' outdoorsy fun in the country, imagine it transferred to a city environment. We'd be talking shooting cats on fences, maybe shoving M18s up stray dogs' a**es for fun. No-one's getting dinner, no-one's doing anything skillful or challenging. They're just being d*cks to animals for their own enjoyment. Just like Ma Palin.

Nope. Pulling on leather shoes or chowing down on a burger is absolutely not the same as killing animals for no other reason than you enjoy it.



  1. I hunt and kill things.
    I eat everything I kill. It's not always pretty and it's almost never easy.
    I don't pump my fist in the air when I make a kill. I don't laugh and shout when I make a kill. I have too much respect for wild animals.
    I find such behaviors to be reprehensible. I don't watch hunting show because I can't stand to see the juvenile behavior of the hunters.

    But really, we don't need to watch this foolish moron doing stupid stuff for an hour on TV to know she is a stupid fucking whiney ass douche bag.

  2. Much as I dislike Sarah Pailin from the little I know about her, I can't say I agree with your notion that this is any worse than everyday meat consumption in general. The meat industry involves horrific cruelty and misery for a wide variety of animals, all of which have sentience of one sort or another, especially in the USA which has some of those most barbaric factory farming methods in the 'civilised' West. At least the animals Palin shoots have had a chance to run free in their natural habitat up to the point of their death rather than being caged in atrocious conditions and generally abused on a daily basis. I have much more respect for a hunter who kills his own food then eats it, than someone who just buys it prepackaged off a supermarket shelf and makes no connection between that and the life and suffering of a sentient creature. Moose is an expensive meat, so I'm sure after this and other creatures have been shot, she doesn't just dump it by a roadside somewhere. Any republican has on eye on personal profit at pretty much most of the time, so that would be against their greedy instincts.

  3. I'm not saying passive consumption and ignorance of suffering is OK. Just that taking pleasure in suffering, is obviously worse.


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