Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bryan Fischer: Get Help

Wingnut blogger Bryan Fischer is blaming the whole Wikileaks thing on the gays. Because Bradley Manning, the US Army intelligence analyst who passed those hot docs onto Wikileaks, is "openly gay". Case closed. With zero evidence, Fischer says:

Manning was, at a minimum, seriously confused about his sexuality, and at worst, launched the WikiLeaks campaign to strike back at the military for its “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, which he vehemently opposed.

As usual, this conservative is obsessed with homosexuality. He sees gays at partnering with Muslims and Mexicans to destroy the world. He's frigging insane.

So, again with the Freud, is it weird that a 'straight' guy like Fischer would spend so much time obsessing about the gays? I wonder if he'll ever step out of that maximum security closet he's built for himself, come to terms with his own sexuality and quit acting like a giant jerk. Have you heard the guy? He sounds like Mr Ed channeling Liberace. If he ain't gay, hell, I'll suck a d*ck.


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