Sunday, December 12, 2010

Is $250k Rich?

I got in an argument about tax cuts with some conservatively-inclined folks on Drudge Retort. They made a fairly reasonable case: that it's unfair to consider $250k rich because, in places like New York and San Francisco, $250k is no big deal. Look at the cost of living: New York one-bed studios rent between $2906 to $4301 per month. Clearly, $250k wouldn't go as far as it does here in DFW where one-beds average $921.

But here's my simple response that should resonate well with fiscal conservatives: So what?

I live in a city that's affordable, where property prices never went spastic and where middle class people aren't forced to "gentrify" sh*tty houses in the ghetto because that's all they can afford. I made the more prudent choice to live within my means, you didn't. So why should I support tax cuts to subsidize your imprudent choice that will impoverish the whole country?

It's just a thought.


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  1. I don't think 250k is rich either,but if I did have that much income I could live a whole lot better then I presently do.
    These Bush era tax cuts were meant for the insanely rich and they have prosper under them,the other 98% of the American people are just pawns in this tax-cut game of the rich.
    I wonder how many of us working stiffs have actually said oh oh look how much more money I have with the tax cut!


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