Saturday, December 11, 2010

All Hail The Rich

I can't imagine a bigger jerk off than Bernard Goldberg. Not in a world where whales have neither hands or access to whale porn. This simpering tool quite literally loves the rich like toddlers love mommmy and daddy. His latest hymn to the moneyed is called "Thank God for Rich People". You can imagine where that sh*t goes...

"These “fat-cats” are the ones who do the heavy lifting in this country."

No comment. Except...

I can but dream of an America less lazy, less cowardly, less inert and defeated. I can but dream of guillotines for brown-nosed cocktards like Goldberg and those GOP lick-spittle traitors. I can but dream of a society where the rich worry more about the wrath of the people than those "unfair" 2% "tax hikes". Ah... now that's what I call an American dream!


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  1. Yes, we can but dream.
    My som posted something recently where BG stated there should be a big granite monument ot rich people in DC. Talk about self promotion!


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