Saturday, December 4, 2010


Every day, new people get famous for a few minutes, get chewed up and crapped out by the media. Our popular culture runs on making and breaking instant celebrities. But I always wonder how many of these instant celebrities are actually pleased to be in the spotlight? Like, say, if you were arrested for whacking off in a theater during a screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Would you try to live that down? Or would you use up your one phone call from jail to hire a publicist? Honestly, I'm not even kidding.

People do dumb sh*t every day. But some people (usually in Florida) do dumb sh*t that stands out enough to capture the imaginations of connoisseurs of weirdness like me. Then the weirdos become internet memes because enough of us talk about them. Then they get to be novelty guests on late night talk shows. Then they might even get Dr Phil or Jerry Springer building entire episodes of their shows around them... This week "Public Masturbation: Good or Bad"?

So the choice is clear for this guy: do you live the rest of your life under the cloud of being 'that guy who got caught rubbing one out during Harry Potter'? Or do you embrace the opportunity instead? Hmm...


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