Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wikileaks & Hungry Muslims

Kids scavenge for food at a dump in Gaza. It's OK because they're not our kids...

The Wikileaks thing has pundits chattering about the potentially game-changing disclosures revealed therein. Like, from a foreign policy perspective, how the hell will the Obama admin spin spying on friendly foreigners and bitching about world leaders like a bunch of cheerleaders on the rag?

The leaked docs also contain eye-openers like China being less than enamored with BFF North Korea and secretly entertaining the idea of a unified, business-friendly Korea. Then there's the Arab world buying the Neocon fantasy of bombing Iran (though given thousands of years of enmity between Persians and Arabs, that shouldn't be too surprising). But what about Israel? What about their blockades of Gaza and the West Bank? These tidbits, corroborated by earlier disclosures from Israel itself, show a Netanyahu government still rationing Palestinian food supplies to keep the civilian population in a permanent state of semi-starvation. Anyone mad about this? No..?

From a humanitarian perspective, it's f*cking horrible to think Israel would take tips from the Nazis and inflict on the Palestinians pale shades of the same evil that was inflicted on them. Jews will not have forgotten the Nazi's "penultimate" solution: herding them into ghettos and using blockades and military checkpoints to quietly starve them into submission. Stay classy, Tel Aviv...

But I guess starving (either verb or adjective) Muslims is not big news in our country where anti-Muslim hysteria is considered one "side of the debate". "Where's the human angle?" you can almost hear the editors say... Then, of course, it's not worth offending the ever paranoid AIPAC by suggesting anything Israel ever does could be considered uncool.

This being America, I now need to add the obligatory qualification: No, I'm not an antisemite. I don't oppose Israel's right to exist. But I do oppose Israel's right to exist as an a**hole state. Same, I wouldn't begrudge Israel being an ally of the US. I just have a problem with us being their bitch, being ever forgiving and turning a blind eye to whatever they do. Really, deliberately starving (sorry, "semi-starving") people should be considered a "hold on there buddy" moment even in the best of friendships. Any chance?


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