Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Obama's Bipartisan Kamikaze Still On Track

Obama 2008: Where'd that guy go?

It's literally insane. Even after two years of "f*ck you" from the Republicans, even after a resounding Democrat ass kicking in the midterms, Obama's still talking about finding "common ground" with a party whose sole aim is to destroy him - even if it means dragging the whole country down in the process.

And you don't have to take my word for it or trust in your own perception. Just ask that fallen progressive hero in Florida... According to Alan Grayson:

My defeat was part of a wave across the country that had Republicans winning because Democrats didn’t vote... Democratic turnout in early voting was down by 60 percent. And that wasn’t true just in my district; that was true all around Florida and pretty much the whole country.

And why does Grayson think so many Dems stayed home?

I think it’s because the Democratic leadership has failed to deliver to core constituents of the Democratic Party the thing that the Democrats wanted when the Democrats had sixty votes in the Senate, 59 percent of the House, and control of the White House.

Yet, weirdly and stubbornly, Obama is still ignoring his base and still imagining tha Republicans give a rat's ass about helping him govern. Rewind to 2008... Compare that Obama with the delusional, self-pitying husk that keeps appearing on TV saying sorry and wooing the GOP like some kind of sad stalker. WTF happened??? There is a point at which frustration gives way to anger... then there's a point at which anger gives way to pity. I think I'm there. I know there's always been a fair splash of lemming DNA in the Democrat genome, but this is f*cking ridiculous.


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