Saturday, November 13, 2010

Obama Accused of Ignorance By...

...James f*cking Inhofe:
"I mean Obama doesn't care about Okla-- he doesn't know where Oklahoma is. I would probably say the same thing about South Carolina and maybe even Kentucky."

Wow. When that climate-change-denying übertard is popping up on TV accusing you of being a dumb ass, you know the whole 'invisible president' act has gone way too far.

Obama: assert yourself dude! Remind the knuckledraggerati who you are and what you (supposedly) stand for. For f*ck's sake, we elected a leader not a walking apology. Obama may as well have spent the last couple of weeks sobbing in a dark corner over a gallon of Chubby Hubby wishing the mean ol' Rethugs would quit picking on him.

Jeez, Obama, man up or step down and give Pelosi the job... she seems to be hogging the Democrat party's communal testicle right now.

And, Inhofe, the whole frigging civilized world knows where Oklahoma is: Just drive north on 35 - you know you're there when you stop seeing teeth.


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