Sunday, November 14, 2010

American Traitor

Eric Cantor: Country First. The only question, which one?

Says The Washington Monthly:

This week, Eric Cantor met privately with a foreign head of state to promise to undermine the foreign policy of the United States.

That's after Cantor promised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday that the new GOP majority in the House will "serve as a check" on the Obama administration. Not only is Cantor openly siding with a foreign leader over his own government, he's doing it face to face so there's no misunderstanding.

It's pretty mind-blowing to wonder what the rethugs would be saying if this had a happened when Bush was C-in-C and the guy siding with a foreign government was a Democrat. Even more so if you imagine that it's the 1970s and Cantor was talking to Leonid Brezhnev. But, as usual, maximum chutzpah prevails... the GOP keeps on trucking, keeps waving its little flags as it grows like a malignant tumor on America's ass. The WM goes on:

This is a legitimate scandal worthy of far more attention. When dealing with foreign policy and climate change, Republicans believe in trying to deliberately sabotage the position of the U.S. government. 

Ain't the old-fashioned word for this treason?

It's not opposition to Obama that makes Cantor a traitor. It's the way that GOP'ers like him routinely oppose anything conducive to American interests while advancing almost any cause that would hurt the country. From domestic policy issues like "Obamacare", the deficit and financial regulation, to foreign stuff like Mid-East peace, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and trade with China, everything Republicans stand for is the exact opposite of what a fifth-grader would recognize as being good for the country.

They might bluster about Democrats doing the "same thing" when Bush was president. They might cite examples like Al Gore's 2005 speech in Saudi Arabia criticizing Bush's policies of alienation  towards the Muslim world. But there's no equivalence. Cantor is deliberately vowing loyalty to Israel over America and opposing American interests at a most basic, existential level. Gore wanted American policies to improve, wanted us to play fairer with others for the ultimate benefit of ourselves. Cantor just wants Israel to do better and for America to put its own self-interests second. Traitor? What more would you have to do to beg the label short of creeping around the house in a Guy Fawkes mask clutching a cartoon cherry bomb?


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  1. thi has been going on with the republicans since Reagan. If Reagan had been charged with treason like he should have we wouldn't be having this problem today.
    It's astounding what these flag waving cross bearing pricks get away with. . . who is letting them get away with it?


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