Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dead Candidates Did Better Than Tea Party Candidates in Midterms

After her trouncing in the midterms, O'Donnell might consider boosting her chances by being dead next time. (And how long do you think La Dumbass would actually ponder that strategy before discounting it? Place your bets ladies and gentlemen...)

Given that tired media cliché about voters demanding action and accountability from Washington, it made me laugh a little that a grand total of 6 dead people ran on Tuesday. And most of them won.

State Sen. Jenny Oropeza (D CA) won with 59% of the vote. She'd been dead two weeks.

Keith Crass, Republican candidate for the Arkansas legislature, won with 56% of the vote. He'd been dead a little shy of a fortnight.

Keith Austin (D) won in Worth County, Missouri beating two write-in candidates. He'd been dead for two weeks also.

James H.C. Thomas (R) scored a judge gig in Mississippi. He'd been pushing up daisies a full month.

The bad news for the dead demographic? Jorge Luis Garcia lost in Arizona and Dennis Glotfelty lost in Maryland. But dead folks with political aspirations should take note: dead candidates are more likely to win than Tea Party candidates. A full 63% of those a-holes crashed and burned on Tuesday while two-thirds of dead candidates won their races.


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