Friday, October 1, 2010

US Says Sorry For Giving Guatemala The Clap

Says Fox:

The U.S. government apologized Friday for "unethical" and "reprehensible" research conducted in Guatemala more than 60 years ago, after a professor documented how U.S. scientists intentionally infected people in the country with sexually transmitted diseases.

Thought I'd take a walk on the wild side and trawl Fox News' comments section for the most obnoxious response to that story. Enjoy:

"I knew it would be a womyn's studies "professor" who would want to bring this old hash up; these vaginas are good for three things: bashing men; bashing the united states; and bashing western civilization."

It's weird how women piss off so many conserva-goons like that commenter and how almost any situation can be interpreted as a 'battle of the sexes' episode. Damn, can't a guy go round spreading syphilis and ghonnorea without the "vaginas" getting all bent out of shape about it?

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