Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Random Picture of The Day

Insert gay joke here if you're homophobically inclined...

On a different note, If this cock goblin, woman-beater-by-proxy piece of human excrement still presumes to run for political office tomorrow, Kentucky is officially broken. Even they are not supposed to be that retarded. Still no "sorry"???? F*ck you, Ron Paul. F*ck very much. (And what gives, hillbillies?)



  1. With WV leading the pack, WV, KY and OK were the states that gave McCain/Palin the highest percentage of votes.
    I can only speak for WV and possibly by osmosis, KY. There is very little thinking going on in WV. When you have a population that is living in 3rd world conditions, it's easy to understand. Social oppression, poor schools and education opportunities, cultural stagnation, a population very much controlled by religious leaders who are backwoods uneducated wankers. . . need I go on? As a result we have horrendously corrupt politicians, and I'm not just talking about local mayors and county commissioners taking a free lunch here and there, I'm talking about governors, supreme court justices and congressman who compete well with history's all tine worse.
    So, ignorance and oppression rule. That's what gives.
    Yea, he looks like he'd at least hold one in his mouth. And that's ok by me. . . is he openly gay? (I told you ignorance rules).

  2. I was being kinda ironic thinking what are the two biggest no-nos for the neanderthals who'd vote for Paul?

    1. Beating up on women (or at least ones who ain't your own kin)
    2. Being gay (or at least looking like you are)

    So I'm confused how this guy has traction when he's breaking these two most basic rules.


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