Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weird Stuff

I've never been big on conspiracy theories. It always feels like too much hard work with the only pay-off being making yourself go mental. But I am a big fan of weird coincidences. Like, say, the old Lincoln/Kennedy assassination ones:
  • Both were shot on Friday
  • Lincoln elected to congress 1846, Kennedy 1946
  • Lincoln elected president 1860, Kennedy 1960
  • Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln
  • Both were succeeded by VPs named Johnson - Andrew Johnson, born 1808, and LBJ, born 1908
  • Lincoln was shot in the Ford theater while JFK was shot in a Lincoln car made by Ford
  • Both presidents were assassinated by three-named guys (15 letters each) one born in 1839, the other 1939
and (this one's a bit complicated):
Kennedy's seat in the Lincoln he was sitting in when he was shot is in Ford's museum while Lincoln's seat in the Ford Theater he was sitting in when he was shot is in Ford's museum.
Weird huh? And today I was freaked after catching up with the conspiracy nerds who've known for years that Neo's passport in The Matrix was dated to expire on 11 SEP 01. Wha..? Apparently:
"I just had a look at my copy of the DVD - it appeared 18 minutes and 11 seconds in. It's definitely there. Very strange... coincidence?"
Of course, the coincidence itself is freakish enough - especially given the theme of the movie. Not sure why it's necessary to add a conspiratorial question mark. (?)

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  1. This only proves that they're probably coming to get you. . . in black helicopters. . . hide your guns. . .


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