Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fox News Cover Blown?

Unfortunately, it's left mostly to liberals like Maddow and Olbermann to poke holes in Fox News' ridiculous claims of being 'Fair and Balanced'. For example, even when they openly operate as pitchmen for the Tea Party by advertising their events, pussies like CNN still refuse to drop the pathetic pretense that Fox is somehow a news channel. Putting the word 'news' right there in the name seems to have CNN fooled... or, at least, too lazy to argue.

Then Mooselini took to the air to blatantly recommend Fox as a message relay service for wingnut candidate Christine O'Donnell.

Now Mike Castle, the multi-term 'establishment' Repub O'Donnell ran against, is blaming "the conservative media" for his defeat saying "I think the misrepresentations and the lies of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh on the air were another very significant part of all of this."

But, far from denying that Fox won for her and trying to perpetuate the myth of impartiality, O'Donnell steams right in with "I wouldn’t call it blame, I would call it credit."

Fox is like a 400lb chick who keeps squeezing into 'Fair & Balanced' tight jeans while we all humor them by saying their giant ass doesn't look biased. How much longer before the mainstream give up this BS and just calls Fox what they are?


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