Thursday, September 16, 2010

Coulter Unleashes Flying Monkeys On Wrong Guy

So Ann Coulter does a hate piece about Michael Joseph Gross, the author who got on the wingnut sh*tlist for doing a book about Palin, and the flying monkeys go wild firing off homicidal hate mail. Only problem, dumbass Coulter didn't write Michael Joseph Gross, he just wrote Michael Gross who happens to be a completely different author.

The aggrieved Gross has posted an open complaint on his own site along with some of the emails he's been getting from Coulter readers. Here's one from Sheila Lee ( who says:

"Were you in Sarah’s bedroom,did you see whether her busband had sex with her….who are your so-called un-named sources and how many of them might have been peering through Sara’s bedroom windows…you’re peeping tom article is typical low life,new york jew smear….yes i am an anti semite,and those like you make my feelings all the clearer as to why."


As they say, you can judge a man by the company he keeps. Or, in Coulter's case, his readers.


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