Friday, September 10, 2010

Democracy: Still Wasted On Us

From the polls:

The number of independent voters who disapprove of President Obama has hit an all-time high, and even more now want Democrats to lose control of Congress, according to a poll released yesterday.

With elections looming, it feels again like we're stuck watching a TV with only two channels. As always, there are registered Republicans and Democrats who check the same box every time irrespective of what their party does or does not do. And then there's the ever-perplexing 'independents' who really get to decide elections by flipping the channel whenever one show pisses them off. Really, has the indy wedge ever voted for anyone? Do they ever actually want to watch a show or do they just not want to watch the other one?

Much as I cheered when Obama won the presidency, the truth is he probably didn't win because he was the best candidate and McCain didn't lose because he was a horrible candidate. This just helps at best. It was those 'independents' who'd finally had enough of Bush and wanted to punish Republicans who were the deciding factor. Now the situation is the same but in reverse: No matter that some people will cast their votes thoughtfully after careful consideration of the candidates' relative merits, the midterms will be decided by a bunch of ADD yahoos who just want to punish Democrats.

So all those complaints about Republicans having no ideas except bad ones? All those warnings that they'll just resurrect failed Bush-era policies? Don't matter a damn. America's 'independents' will just vote for them anyway because they're wearing red jerseys not blue ones. So would you even bother to try and come up with a sales pitch if you were the RNC? Or, for that matter, the DNC?


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