Saturday, September 25, 2010

Boom Boom Acka Lacka Lacka Boom - Everybody Hump The Dinosaur...

Says news:

One man put a new twist on bestiality Sunday afternoon when he sexually assaulted a dinosaur - a large, plastic one - in a Chester County park, according to police.

Gotta love the way they say "a new twist on bestiality". That's civic pride right there. You go Philly!

True, the dinosaur theme is pretty novel. But stories like this are ten-a-penny in America... it seems everyone's putting their junk in inappropriate stuff or finding more embarrassing ways of getting arrested these days. Why? Are people so obsessed with attention they'll settle for a mention in the "Odd News" web pages for their 15 minutes of fame? Would anyone have humped a dinosaur before the Internet was invented? I'd guess no. Back then, you had to work harder to get media attention... you had to put in serious hours as a serial killer or a rapist before the old print media or network TV got interested. So, I guess the ease with which weirdos can get fame via the Web makes for a much safer society. Hurrah for the Internet!


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