Sunday, August 1, 2010

Minority-Free Tea

Gay teabaggers (remember when there was no other kind?) in lieu of racial minorities at the Tea Party Diversity rally.

Saturday's "Uni-Tea" event in Philly was supposed to show off the racial plurality and non-white supremacism of the Tea Party. Shockingly, TPM reports that the event failed in its intent. Not so much a 1970s Coke ad... more a bunch of sweaty white folks pretending not to be racist in a park. Said TPM:

It was billed as the most diverse tea party rally ever. For three hours Saturday afternoon, we waited for the diversity to show up... If you're the kind of tea partier who'd like to see that abounding not-racism result in some actual demographic diversity in the movement, the Uni-Tea rally appeared to be a borderline disaster.

Not only did black folks and Hispanics stay away in droves, not many people of any kind turned up. The 'baggers blamed "a traffic jam on I-95 for keeping people away". Err... if you say so.


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