Friday, August 6, 2010

Mama Grizzly: Suck My D*ck & Make Me a Sandwich

Non-retarded women of America: these bitches are making you look waaaaaay bad.

"Sarah Palin has been an inspiration to thousands of women across the country. Her efforts to encourage women to stand up and speak out connects just as the original women's movement did in the 60's..."

Let's just stop right there. Can this bullsh*t possibly appeal to anyone with an IQ higher than a box turtle? How could any self-respecting woman identify with a badly-drawn bear holding a clutch purse? WTF is it with this retarded "Mama Grizzly" crap???

Christ on a bike, not even the most craven mysoginist would stoop to slandering women as the kind of dumb c*nts who'd fall for this Palin-is-our-leader thing. If Mama Grizzly really is womankind's role model, Papa Smurf should be the frigging Pope. F*cking idiot right-wing bitches... quit in the name of sanity and spare your gender further collective embarrassment.


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