Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weiner Win, Congress Fail

Says the CSM:

Anthony Weiner was apoplectic that Republicans didn't pass a bill to help 9/11 first responders Thursday. But the full story suggests that both parties share blame – and sheds light on why only 11 percent of Americans have confidence in Congress.

Anthony Weiner's tirade against the Republicans who blocked the Zadroga Act was awesome to behold. But it's tragic that he's pretty much alone in expressing his anger and that both parties share blame for the failure of the bill.

Cooler-headed commentators point out the various screw ups on both sides: The Dems clearly misstepped trying to circumvent GOP obstructionism by pushing the bill through on a straight majority thus 'poisoning' the whole deal. But the GOP ultimately voted no because they'd failed to get an amendment attached making 9-11 responders who were "illegal immigrants" ineligible for assistance. Just because their amendment failed, they then voted no and killed the whole deal. Does it sound like there's blame on both sides? Yes. Does it sound like equal, bipartisan blame? Abso-f*cking-lutely not.

So, yes, this legislative debacle doesn't make the Dems look good. But by any measure, it makes the GOP look like monumental f*cking a**holes because they're more interested in taking a swipe at "illegals" than helping out homegrown heroes. So let's go easy on the 'both sides to blame' angle lest it sound like they're equally at fault.


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  1. Does anybody know what else was in the bill? What could the D's have done to screw up such a simple bill? I have no idea what pork may have been stuffed in this shit sammich.
    Chuck from Tacoma


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