Saturday, July 31, 2010

Glenn Beck: First Blood

Glenn Beck is busy denying he's a terrorist. And he's right. Terrorists take responsibility when they kill people. Becky does not.

Example: right-wing malcontent Byron Williams dies in a shoot-out with Oakland cops last week. Williams had been pulled over en route to carrying out an attack on the San Francisco offices of the Tides Foundation (a group that works "across the globe to promote economic justice, robust democratic processes, and the opportunity to live in a healthy and sustainable environment where human rights are preserved and protected.").

Williams' mother said he was angry about his own unemployment and about "what's happening to our country." She said he watched the news on television and was upset by "the way Congress was railroading through all these left-wing agenda items." Sure sounds like he'd been watching Glenn Beck for more than just the gold ads. But Becky denied any culpability and is trying to obfuscate by pinning blame for a separate but "equivalent" attack in Oakland as coming from the "left":

Um, you know, we had a sniper in, um, Oakland, California, trying to kill police. At the same time we have another guy who appears to be against the Tides Foundation, uh, and he goes down and he's going to try to kill people at the Tides Foundation. I'm tied to the Tides Foundation in this story because, quote, how scary is this? We have searched all the television records and Glenn Beck is the only host that spoke about the Tides Foundation in the past year. That's terrifying.

But I'm tied to that. But nobody's even talking about the sniper from the left trying to shoot the police officer.

There is no evidence of any political motivation whatsoever behind the sniper case in Oakland that Beck tries to pin on the "left". So the equivalence is false.

But as Becky admits, he was the only guy on TV railing against the obscure Tides Foundation. So would Byron Williams have even heard of them, let alone wanted to attack them, if he hadn't watched the Glenn Beck show? Beck is full-square to blame and too p*ssy to admit it or even keep quiet on the subject. This piece of sh*t is a living breathing example of "shouting fire in a crowded theater"... only he sits down quick and pretends it wasn't him when pandemonium breaks out.


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