Friday, July 30, 2010

Tea Bags, The New Revolution & Other Myths...

JD Hayworth: the man who'd dare to challenge Grandpa's La-Z-Boy...

In Arizona, 'bagger-endorsed senatorial hopeful JD Hayworth once threatened to beat John McCain and finally prise his wizened ass from the senatorial equivalent of Grandpa's favorite La-Z-Boy. This spooked McCain no end and there ensued an unprecedented bout of flip flops, u-turns, and 'volte-faces' as he fought to out-flank and out-teabag Hayworth.

But it seems McCain need not have fretted. Even by Rasmussen's idiosyncratically pro-con sampling, Hayworth is currently trailing by a massive 20 points. Given Hayworth's unpopularity, Harry Reid's renaissance, Sarah Palin's ongoing slide into the margins and Glenn Beck's ratings, it would seem the teabag thing ain't anywhere near as popular as it was, or is, cracked up to be.

But even if America is tiring of the tri-corner tw*ts, the MSM still loves them some quaint, home-spun protofascism. The news continues to push the narrative that it's all small-town patriots v. big government socialists, that the Dems are heading for a rout and that Sarah f*cking Palin actually has a shot at being elected president. Why? Because the news are a bunch of lazy f*cks who discovered that sensationalism and confrontation (real or imagined) is a lot easier than journalism.

It'll be interesting to see how far they can stretch this bullsh*t as the elections approach... at some point, even CNN are going to look as balls-out delusional as Fox if they don't dump the 'baggers and look for a new and more believable fake narrative.


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