Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Political Special Olympics Update

Libertarians may think they come over as constitutional experts and reasoned voices on all things political. But whenever they do start talking, they usually sound more like Billy Bob Thornton in Switchblade giving an impromptu lecture on particle physics.

Take Bob Barr's endorsement of libertarian candidate Alexander Snitker in Florida (or "The Blip" as he's better known by pollsters):

"In recent decades, Americans have faced a growing threat from the limitless power of the federal government. Our liberties are being stripped from us. Our property is being redistributed. Our children are being burdened with crushing debt. Our Constitution is being ignored and subverted."

How the hell does a grown-ass man get to say "our property is being redistributed" in a public forum without even being asked to justify such a balls-out ridiculous statement??? Bob Barr you are Man Palin. You too are a perfect example of a Special Olympics pol... another reality-challenged doofus who only gets where they get because the media are too lazy to care about integrity, honesty or things making sense anymore.


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