Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nasty Little Men

Back in the old days, my Grandmother used to call them 'nasty little men'. She'd watch the news and half look away in disgust whenever sleazeballs in the public eye were busted for unseemly shenanigans. But now? Anything goes and shame seems to have gone the way of the Betamax.

I still wonder when it was that the 'nasty little men' strode out from under their rocks into the daylight, held their heads up high and were accepted by society. And when was it that it became almost obligatory to be one if you wanted to get elected as a Republican?

Look at the two horse race between David Vitter and Republican rival Chet Traylor in Louisiana: Vitter is still a viable candidate even though he's a serial prostitute f*cker. Traylor is a viable candidate even though he's f*cking his dead wife's son's wife (yeh, read it twice).

Assuming the population of the US is not entirely comprised of sexual deviants with low impulse control, we really could do better than Traylor and Vitter. Even in Louisiana. Or did I miss the memo that it's now OK to have creeps we wouldn't leave alone our kids or wallets representing us in f*cking government?


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  1. I don't really care who fucks who. Bill Clinton, John Edwards, anyone else, repub or dem who wants to fuck some random acquaintance is fine with me. . . none of my fucking business. . . but prostitutes and your step son's wife? That even makes me want to say "enough!" There are plenty of people available to fuck, why go there?


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