Monday, July 12, 2010

Flogging a Dead Horse

'One Nation' is a coalition of 170 liberal and civil rights groups banding together as a kind of "anti Tea Party" for progressives. Says Common Dreams:

In an effort to replicate the tea party's success, 170 liberal and civil rights groups are forming a coalition that they hope will match the movement's political energy and influence. They promise to "counter the tea party narrative" and help the progressive movement find its voice again after 18 months of floundering.

NAACP president Benjamin Jealous calls this anti-Tea Party insurgency an attempt to reenergize the majority who voted for Obama in 2008 but then just went "back to the couch".

But isn't the logic of forming an astroturf group to counter another astroturf group a tad flawed? Especially if after 18 months of Obama letdowns and wingnut domination of the national narrative, progressives still aren't pushing back? We must be beat already.

Not saying I don't wish One Nation the best of luck... just that it feels uncomfortably close to flogging a dead horse at this point.


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  1. The problem is that the left just doesn't have the passion and anger like it once did (back in the 60s). The right wing extremists are full of passion in the form of hate, fear, anger, etc. It's easy to motivate and agitate people who are afraid.
    Maybe the left leaners need something to be afraid of. . . as if Bush the Chimp, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrige, etc. weren't enough to scare you.


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