Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dolt of The Day

Few things are beneath the dignity of a wingnut to attack. Here's conserva-douche columnist Terry Savage picking on little kids:

Last week, I was in a car with my brother and his fiancee, driving through their upscale neighborhood on a hot summer day. At the corner, we all noticed three little girls sitting at a homemade lemonade stand. The three young girls -- under the watchful eye of a nanny, sitting on the grass with them -- explained that they had regular lemonade, raspberry lemonade, and small chocolate candy bars.

Then my brother asked how much each item cost. "Oh, no," they replied in unison, "they're all free!"

Savage is not shy in admitting that she rolled down the car window and "stuck my head out to set them straight." said she:

"Three girls giving away free lemonade isn't cute, it's indicative of the lack of economic responsibility we're passing on to future generations."

Man, that lady must be a joy to be around. Get your conservative milk of human kindness (kindness-free)!


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