Friday, November 4, 2011

Crypto Rape & Conservative Mysoginism

Herman Cain meets with Henry Kissinger this morning. (Yes. They're just screwing with us now...)

I may be getting a little fixated on this but... what's up with the cretins boosting Herman Cain's numbers in the op polls? Says The Christian Science Monitor:

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll – conducted in the days after the harassment allegations surfaced – shows Mr. Cain’s numbers among Republicans have risen over the past month. He is now at 23 percent.

Sure, "conservatives" have always forgiven a lot of defects in their chosen leaders because hatred for the "enemy" (i.e., almost everyone who isn't them) is the only thing they give a sh*t about. But they now seem to be actively enthused by Herman Cain's ignorance and rapey-ness. Every time he opens his dumb mouth and says something stupid, he gets more support. And every time a new sexual harassment allegation comes to light, he gets more support. WTF is going on???

I guess the answer is simple: Conservatives really do hate women. Not only would they deny them the right to choose whether or not to bear a child (Cain would be "pro-life" even in cases of rape, incest or where the life of the mother was in danger), they don't care much about a woman's right to choose who to f*ck either. So if a bald, middle-aged man who just so happens to be your boss, coerces you into sex, that's OK with conservatives.

Even though Cain's "f*ck me or get fired" gambits were tantamount to rape, it sure ain't hurting him none with supporters who view women as either broodmares or "socialist whores".



  1. In the words of Ann Coulter: Our black is so much better than their black.

  2. So true. Hope you'll visit my new blog:

    I have a whole post about how the right hates women and children.



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