Thursday, November 3, 2011

Race to The Bottom & Beyond

With each passing day, the GOP move further into irrelevance. Out of touch? They're like Helen Keller in f*cking mittens.

Like... we have an economy stuck in sh*t gear, we have 9% unemployment (in between Turkey and Poland on the world rankings) and at least two quagmire wars dragging on. But Republicans are rooting for a politically illiterate sleazebag for president who couldn't think his way out of box made entirely of doors? Really?

Cain's the guy who doesn't care who's "president of Uzbeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan". He's the guy who still hasn't caught up with the news from 1964 about China getting the bomb. He's the guy who wants a 20-foot-high bug zapper erected on the border to kill Mexicans (why not Canadians too?). He's the guy surrounded by rapey allegations that keep biting him in the ass every time he lies about them...

In short, Herman Cain doesn't stand out as a great first choice to lead the world's most powerful nation out of crisis. Unless you're as f*cknuts insane as he is I guess.


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