Saturday, October 8, 2011

What Damn' Rights?

While Occupy Dallas protesters remind cops that they're only "one budget cut away from joining us", Bank of America CEO defends his "right" to make a profit.

It's been a while. How time slips by...

Been watching the Occupy Wall Street movement grow. Been amused by the news commentators suddenly latching on to the fact that people in this country are pissed. (And, for once, we don't mean the retards in tricornered hats.)

Even here in Texas, the state most hated by reverse-snob liberals all over America, people are occupying Dallas and Austin in fairly impressive numbers.

So, in this new populist light, I found it pathetic hearing a top bankster whine yesterday about his "right" to make a profit. Brian Moynihan, Bank of America CEO, reacted to questions about his jacking up fees for customers by saying customers and shareholders "understand what we're doing -- understand we have a right to make a profit."

Funny that. How come profit is the only "right" that's sacrosanct in this country? I'm sure Bank of America's put-upon customers have given up expecting "rights" like living wages, healthcare, retirement, clean air, basic nutrition, infrastructure, etc., etc. No. That sh*t's been beat out of them over the past decade or so. But Moynihan assumes they'll all be cool with his bank's "right" to make a profit off their backs? Let's just hope the Occupy Wall Street movement and the new populist mood it's inspiring puts this dinosaur on the right track soon.



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