Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Picture of The Day

This is what passes for a Republican elected representative in Tennessee. I guess anyone who writes joined up, doesn't eat their own boogers and only says nigger under their breath in public is like f*cking FDR to local GOP'ers these days. How fast they seem to be reversing the evolutionary tree they don't believe in...

This specimen, Rep. Curry Todd was best known as the NRA pander monkey who sponsored the law making it legal to carry guns into bars in Tennessee. Now he's best known for getting pulled over piss-drunk with a loaded .38 in his car and getting froggy with the cops. Todd told officers that he had "consumed two drinks" when he was stopped.

To be fair, although he looks like the two drinks in question were a quart of ethanol and a formaldehyde chaser, that would technically still count as two.


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