Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Three Pillars of Conservative Compassion

The rethug candidate contest is like a backstreet dogfight where the pitbulls wear ties. It's as miserable, dumb and cruel as anything you could find happening in a crack house basement at three in the morning... only the stakes involve the keys and title to the whole damn country.

Just for the record, let's recap the three pillars of conservative compassion as demonstrated this campaign season... lest anyone's somehow surprised in 2013 we're being ruled by complete and utter bastards:

The Reagan Library Debate Debacle
Whooping it up for the death penalty and Perry's impressive kill rate in Texas... not cheering for anything specific, just the idea of killing a lot of poor folks who couldn't afford decent legal representation... Pro-life?

The Tea Party Debate Debacle
Giving it a big 'hell yeh!' when Papa Smurf Paul was asked if a hypothetical uninsured thirty-old in a coma should be allowed to die to save the state a few bucks... WWJD?

The Florida Debate Debacle
Booing a soldier serving in Afghanistan because he mentioned he was gay... Support our troops much?

Jon Huntsman might have called any of the above "unfortunate and unnecessary". I guess that's because his political orientation would prevent him from using the more obvious term 'sick c*nts'. Not so much here. Republicans are truly sick c*nts whose nastiness is outweighed only by their stupidity. There will be tough times ahead.


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