Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Surprise (To Me) Half-Assed Endorsement of Jon Huntsman. WTF???

This week marked a milestone with the death toll for US troops in Afghanistan rolling over to 1,000 since Obama's inauguration.


And all under the watch of a candidate who promised to end Bush's insane wars but later decided to own them himself as president. A thousand troops squandered and still no-one - commander-in-chief included - seems to know why the f*ck we're there, why we're still  blowing through American blood and treasure at a rate of $2 billion a week. This is unforgivable. And for this reason alone, I'm starting to wonder how I could possibly vote for Obama a second time and help perpetuate this senseless, endless, needless slaughter. It's gone beyond liberal brand loyalty, beyond red v. blue team sports: we need a president who won't waste the lives of Americans for the sake of some second-hand neocon bullsh*t he's inherited. We need a leader who knows what the hell he’s doing. We’ve tried the guys who play for the cameras like performing seals with patriotic platitudes and/or impressive babble about hope and change. But that sh*t don’t work. The system is broke. It needs fixing.

So did I just wonder if it would be possible not to vote for Obama next year?

Damn straight.

I might feel uncomfortable, I might feel like I'm in a strange new town and don't know my way around... f*ck... I'm wondering if Jon f*cking Huntsman might actually be the best guy for the job of prez. Trust me, this is a personal tsunami-sized sea change.

But don't liberal-lynch me just yet... have you heard the guy? So far, he's eschewed the faux patriotic rethug bullsh*t, the ADD media-friendly sound bites, the usual garbage so heartily recycled by headbangers like Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, etc. Instead, Huntsman talks like a reasoned adult with a clue.

He once called Obama "a great leader". Me too. But, same as me, he's now calling Obama a good guy who's failed domestically and abroad as president. But because Huntsman isn't an a**hole (at least not yet) that doesn't mean Obama's now anti-American or any of the other shrill crap wingnuts like to throw around. Obama's failure doesn't doesn't compromise his status as a good guy... it just means he is a failed president. Huntsman thinks he could do better himself. Hell, given the absence of a Democrat primary challenge, I'm wondering that too.

But before I go handing in my liberal card and slapping an X next to an R on the ballot next year, I need to hear people asking Huntsman the right questions. Say, what about the middle (a.k.a. working) class? What about infrastructure at home? When are we going to quit spending $2 billion a week on Afghanistan's schools and roads while broke Americans dodge potholes and catch rusted trains to look for work? What about an end to demonizing public workers and unions? What about investing in education? What, most crucially of all, about a re-tooling of the Republican party to sideline the goons and bring back reason and smarts? Answer these questions right, rethug guy, and you have a sporting chance of getting my vote... me and a whole bunch of disillusioned Obama supporters who got suckered into electing George Bush III by mistake.

If a rethug like Huntsman is our only chance, so be it... I'll hold my nose, cast my vote. And throw up later.



  1. Not that I agree with it but to be fair, when running for president Obama said he would draw down troop numbers in Iraq and would escalate the war in Afghanistan with more troops and more money. People generally overlooked this because most of his other positions (at the time) were positive. He has wavered on a lot of stuff but unfortunately kept his word on Afghanistan.

  2. True that. He did talk about focusing more on Afghanistan and Pakistan. But the reasons given at the time don't hold up. We're spending 2 billion a week because, according to the CIA, there are approx 40 al Qaeda guys in Afghanistan. That's frigging retarded. The terr'ists are coming from Europe, Nigeria, Waco, these days...

  3. Going of the news when I woke up this morning, looks like Obama must have been reading your blog entry.

  4. Gimme Huntsman without the magic underwear Herbie and I'm in. Obama was handed the biggest mess this country has been in in my lifetime. We're talking monumental chaos with the threat of economic collapse, two big expensive war going on and a partisan legislative branch that has blocked his every move not only on the floor of the congress, but on billboards, all the news talk shows, every sound bite they can inject into the news cycle, the internet, etc., etc. What chance has he had? There is a huge and well financed sector that really wants to see the black guy fail.
    Now, how much coverage has his accomplishments received? Not much, because cry babies who aren't seeing their exact agenda followed are blogging and posting absurd things like endorsements of John Huntsman and his magic underwear. Get serious Herbie.
    (there, ya happy now?)

  5. When you're handed the biggest mess this country has been in in my lifetime, you need to be a decisive leader who forces stuff through instead of constantly obsessing about compromising with a bunch of fucks who are holding the country hostage. It's not that I'm not seeing my exact agenda followed through, I ain't seeing any of it. All I'm seeing is the Bush White House under new management.


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