Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tiny Robots v. Texas

It would be hard being a socialist in Texas. It's not exactly fertile ground for a caring sharing philosophy hinged on big government intervention. Folks round these parts hate that kind of gay foreign stuff. We like our guv'mint small and powerless... like a tremulous Ron Paul chihuahua whose only job is to make sure more people get to carry more guns in ever more inappropriate places. That's 'bout top and bottom of the role of government here.

But it seems Texas may have got it wrong. Science shows that an aversion to socialism could well represent an aversion to reality itself... Empirical evidence confirms that reality really does have a socialist bias:

For decades the prevailing wisdom in biology has been that individual self-sacrifice enables a group's genes to keep going in the long run. Now Swiss researchers have actually proven this is true by evolving generations of tiny autonomous robots that are confronted with a basic decision to share food.

Basically, they built a bunch of tiny robots and left them to get on with it. Did the tiny robots embrace the self-centered nihilism of conservatism and start f*cking each other over? Did they winnow their robot society down to create a new ├╝ber class of greedy f*ck robots who controlled all the wealth? No. The tiny robots went socialist and redistributed.

So maybe we shouldn't fear the coming of the robot overlords. They might be more Bernie Sanders in Vermont than Yul Brynner in West World. Wouldn't that be nice?


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