Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sean Hannity: You F*cking P*ssy

What gives Hannity?

I've had my "Sean Hannity Needs a Whupping" petition online for two years now. I've emailed you a million times to ask you when and where you want to meet me for a fist fight. I've left as many comments on your Geocities-style Website asking same. And what happens? Nothing. Not a f*cking peep.

You might macho posture on the radio with your weird angry midget voice and sound like you have an XY chromosome... but you're clearly not a man because you're sh*t scared of everything. Everything from bird flu to Muslims, socialists to gays, black people to Barney the f*cking Dinosaur. Everything makes you pee your little girl panties and cry. Including, judging by your silence, throwing hands with me. So f*ck you Hannity. You'd better start tucking it back, change your name to Shauna and consider yourself officially un-manned. You f*cking little p*ssy.


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