Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lies, Damn Lies & American Conservatism

"The masses have little time to think. And how incredible is the willingness of modern man to believe."
-- Mussolini

Man, I'm sick of limp-d*cked c*ntservative apologists trying to convince me that their 'side' aren't defined by their lies and that liberals tell fibs too. See, everybody does it, it's a two-way street...

Is it f*ck.

For sure, a few lies squeak occasionally from the left side of the "discourse" like awkward farts at a dinner party. But the right? It's not like they just lie anymore, it's like they've built an entire machine that runs on the annihilation of truth itself. It's like a variation on nuclear fission: you smash the element of truth like an atom and create an inexhaustible supply of c*nstservative fuel. These shameless bastards have pinned America to the ground, sat on our big dumb face and are proceeding to suffocate the hell out of us with an unrelenting stream of lies. And you know what that equates to?

Textbook fascism.


(Dear conservatives: do please refrain from posting "prove it" comments - try Googling fascism and its reliance on lying as political tactic... reading can be fun.)

Examples of the conservative fascist lie machine in action this week:

Big Fat Lie #1
Take how the squawkers on the right are still labeling Obama "an appeaser" in the war on terror - even after he shot OBL in the f*cking face and killed more terr'ists than Bush did in 8 years of flaccid posturing. Appeaser? Not so much...

Big Fat Lie #2
Then there's Obama's speech on Israel this week. To the conservatives fascists he's now a radical hater of Israel for voicing the opinion that Palestine should exist as a "contiguous" state and that Israel should revert to its pre-1967 borders. The Hannitys and Limbaughs will tell you this is a radical policy departure - an Obama-muslim attack on the Jewish state. But if he really is an Israel hater, then so was every US president from Carter through Bush. And so was Ariel Sharon. They all shared the same policy. So Obama Israel hater? Meshuggah!

Big Fat Lie #3
And how about Newt "asbestos pants" Gingrich? First he talks about Medicare on "Meet The Press". Second the square-headed f*ck claims he didn't say what he did. Third, he labels anyone quoting his own remarks as liars themselves. WTF?

This mind-scrambling stuff would probably have given George Orwell a cluster headache. But still the wingnuts - oblivious to truth, reason and shame - claim c*nstservatives don't lie any more than liberals? I have no words. Aside from "wow" and a desperate wish that America would start reading again... maybe a smidgen of 20th century history paying particular attention to how Mussolini's fascist party took control of Italy might be a useful start.



  1. Again the sad reality of America today is seen in the analysis you offer . . . It's a nation so out of touch with reality and pridefully ignorant that any real solutions, I'm afraed, have no chance. The deficit and debt, energy, climate change, immigration, healthcare all will fester until it's too late. There's absolutely no sense of proportion - believing we can drill our way to energy independence or solve the deficit without tax increases, just two examples of seeing the world you want not the one you inhabit . . .

    Left Back


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