Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bye Bye Emmanuel Goldstein

It's been a while since I blogged. I kinda lost my mojo and have been struggling with the futility of it all... what's the point in being angry? What's the point in railing against idiocy in a nation where a good 20% of us are utterly determined to be idiots? There are no magic arguments that will persuade an idiot. So what's the point in wasting bandwidth trying?

Just listen, say, to the Hannity show on your local talk radio channel. This supercilious c*cksucker revels in his own lies and idiocy and has a seemingly never-ending pool of idiots listening at home and chiming in with "you're so right Sean". It's all just too f*cking depressing. It's like living in a Logan's Run redux where the cut-off age is seven not thirty.

But how can I retire from the fray without at least saying 'bye 'bye to bin Laden?


That's a thing ain't it? Finally Emmanuel Goldstein is no more. And now maybe we can stop living the neocon 1984 fantasy. There is no more perpetual enemy of the state to justify the multi-trillion dollar sinkhole of war - the SEALs did it with a few cents worth of well-placed lead. Bin Laden has got what he richly deserved and the wingnuts can now only bitch and moan about muslim funerals, unreleased photos and Obama taking credit for something he did that George Bush never got around to (or, given the Emmanuel Goldstein scenario at play, never would have either). Sad, sad little f*ckwits.

Maybe I'll carry on with this blogging thing. Maybe I'll make a coffee and hop back on the 'puter. But, either way, I'd like to say thanks to my gigantic legion of readers for their concern and support. An emoticon for y'all : )



  1. Please carry on, if only to help me in my displacement activity and skive off working for 15 mins every day.

  2. Well, as a large percentage of your "gigantic legion," let me say "welcome back Herb."
    You don't have to be angry to point out the idiocy. Just be entertained. Sure the country is degenerating at a rapid pace. It was bound to happen. Watch, record, comment.


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