Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ernest Goes To Government

Tom Marino, Pennsylvania pol and flunker of geography.

First we had Sarah Palin thinking Africa was a country. Now we have Tom Marino (R-PA) not knowing that Libya is part of Africa.

Jeez, I'm sick of these idiots.

How does a clueless f*ck like Marino get to help run a country when he clearly knows less about countries than most fifth-graders forget during recess? Screw the vogue-ish "big government" bull - it's not big government that's dangerous, it's dumb government. And that's what Marino, Michele Bachmann, John Cornyn, et al., are representing to the fullest.

Ponder on how America was a product of the Enlightenment... WTF happened? When did we throw out the rarified intellectualism of the founding fathers and go all "Ernest Goes To Government" instead? When did we go from James Garfield writing Latin and Greek simultaneously to idiots like Joe "You Lie" Wilson who seem scarcely capable of crayoning their own names? Was it the folksy anti-smartypantsism of Reagan that lowered the bar? Was it Gingrich's dullard 'revolution' of the 90s  that lowered our expectations? Did Bubba's blow job somehow make us give up on the idea of transcendent leadership? I don't know... but, at some point, we obviously did give up and decided it was OK to have idiots lead us. And now our federal and state governments teeter on the brink of collapse.

This is scary sh*t.

So I'd be 100% on-board with Crooks and Liars in wondering whether now would be a good time to institute a basic competence test for elected officials. For "dumb" America, that would be a great first step forward on the road to recovery. You don't know where Libya is? Then f*ck off out of the capitol and get a job at Subway. Wouldn't we all be safer for it?



  1. Combination of Reagan Era and the instant gratification of todays 30 sec. society.

  2. Wow, this dumb fuck is a member of the house foreign affairs committee.


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