Friday, April 8, 2011

C*nt of The Day: The Entire State of Mississippi

Of course,  if you're a fat, dumb, poverty-stricken racist, it is coming home.

Years ago, the US invaded and occupied a lawless, inhospitable land still living in a previous century where effective government did not exist and religious extremism held sway. Many have since argued that we should just pull out, that the place is a lost cause incapable of becoming a modern democracy. But we're still there. In Mississippi.

Here's today's news from America's sweaty taint:

A full 46 percent of Mississippi Republicans said they believe interracial marriage should be illegal, according to survey group Public Policy Polling. Only 40 percent said they thought it should remain legal, with the rest unsure.

Republicans who said they were in favor of banning interracial marriages were most frequently supporters of Fox News contributor Sarah Palin. Their least liked candidate was Mitt Romney.

Mississippi continues to be the fattest, poorest, least educated and most racist state in the union. By some crazy fluke of fate, it's also the most conservative. Go figure... for a nanosecond.


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  1. I LOVE Mississippi! All West Virginians LOVE Mississippi. Whatever Mississippi is doing, they need to keep doing it. For decades, they have kept West Virginia off the bottom of all the social and economic indicator lists!
    It's true about their function of keeping us off the bottom, but not the love. Those deep south states really are throw backs to a time in America that most of us are not proud of but those in the deep south revere.


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