Sunday, March 20, 2011

Utah Designates State Firearm

Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed a bill into law this week designating the Browning M1911 automatic pistol as the official state firearm. Utah is the first state to name an official gun. Eat that, Texas!

There was a wasted opportunity here though. I remember reading somewhere that the Morms invented the sawn-off shotgun back in the 1800s to protect themselves from the angry mobs who used to keep running them out of town wherever they went. So why not the sawn-off shotgun as state weapon? It would give squeaky clean Utah a much-needed boost of edginess.


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  1. Awesome! Now that right there is a really red necked stuff.
    I'm surprised Alaska doesn't have an official "carry weapon." I believe EVERYONE carries in Alaska. . . I know I did when I was there. Too much big shit that would eat and/or kill you walking around.


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