Tuesday, March 8, 2011

(Giant) C*nt of The Day

Chuck Chatham is a wingtard running for office in Arkansas - the state where an above-average-smart golden retriever would be head and shoulders above the kind of folks typically deemed worthy of leadership. No surprise then that Chatham is an impressively dumb motherf*cker. But just how dumb? There's the shocker...

As a committee member of the Garland County GOP, Chatham was quoted as saying he campaigned against one candidate for state legislature, Democrat Jerry Rephan, because he is a "pro-abortion Jewish lawyer." Ooh... bit tacky even by conserva-tard standards. But fear not. There is a rational explanation:

When asked about it today, Chatham told TPM that any reference to Rephan's being Jewish was "inadvertent." "It has nothing to do with his faith," he said, but "the issue is the fact is that he is a liberal individual."

Chuck Chatham is a f*cking stupid tw*t. Oops... there I go being all "inadvertent". Or do I mean totally "advertent"?


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