Friday, February 4, 2011

Angry & Stupid: The Conservative Thing

Some ridiculous c*nt called Tammy Bruce at Fox has caused a collective orgasm amongst the wingnuts by demanding that Obama be impeached for fomenting a Muslim Brotherhood revolution in Egypt. Oh Jeez. What will these tw*ts think of next? Seriously, someone can say this in a supposedly developed society and some people treat it seriously??? It's freaking unbelievable.

Sure, this story will soon sink like a turd... no damage done. But the depressing thing is that the idiots Bruce panders to will still be around filling the country with the sounds of their angry snorts and dragging knuckles. There are 286 supportive comments on the Fox Nation site. Sample:

"I agree with Tammy, Rep. Issa should investigate and see if Obama and some of his friends like Jodie Evans of Code Pink, domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, and Dohrn are over there, see if SEIU, and ACORN are helping to fuel the unrest going on in Egypt. I don't trust Obama."

Again, the notion that there is an even-handed debate going on in this country is so wrong it's bizarre. Just look at what the Fox "readers" are saying... I defy you to find any liberal comments anywhere near as mentally-challenged on Huffpo or Kos. There's just regular people on one side. And cretins on the other. Angry and stupid truly is the conservative thing.


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