Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cyber Wars & Social Justice II

Aaron Barr: the guy who picked a fight with Anonymous and saw his company go down the toilet.

So the new Anonymous site promising to post HBGary CEO Aaron Barr's emails just went offline minutes before launch. Are the Anon guys playing? Did HBGary succeed in taking them out? Who knows.

But there's a lot more detail about this ongoing war at Ars Technica - a lot that makes Aaron Barr look less anti-hacktivist crusader, more scheming weasel. Like that whole boast about unmasking Anonymous' supposed 'leaders'? According to his own emails, this was motivated purely by profit and he was eagerly planning to sell the information to the highest bidder. But Barr's eagerness to get richer meant that the quality of what he was selling took a low priority. Says AT:
His programmer had doubts, saying that the scraping and linking work he was doing was of limited value and had no commercial prospects.
Anonymous said the info was BS and had already made it public themselves. So the upshot? A major-league security operation, trusted by big biz and the feds alike, was willing to con customers by selling bad information. And it was happy to f*ck up the lives of whoever was wrongly accused in the process. Man, this pr*ck really does deserve to go broke in a hurry.


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