Wednesday, February 16, 2011

C*nt of The Day

Tucker Carlson taps into the latest wingnut meme about kindergarten being a front for some kind of Khymer Rouge-style kiddy indoctrination by asking "Why would you want to raise your own kids when Michelle Obama will do it for you? In fact, she'll do it at gunpoint."

Oh poor sad little Tucker. You're running onto the field way too late in the game to out-Beck Beck. I'm sure even the slobbering masses who lap up Becky's garbage would find that snipe a little naif.



  1. How did this little buffoon, rich kid, frat boy ever get to make comments on national TV? Oh, never mind, we've had em everywhere from board rooms, to the White House.

  2. Saw the title of this blog post & thought you might be speaking of FOX TV's Debbie Schlussel. Oh well, maybe tomorrow(?)


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