Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big Government To The Rescue

A tribe deep in the Brazilian rain forest looks up at a passing plane and says "WTF is that?"

You could call them the world's ultimate libertarians. These stone age folk live deep in the rain forest on the Brazil-Peru border and have had no contact with the outside world. Ever. No Medicare, no Social Security, no minimum wage or Federal Reserve.... eat your heart out Rand Paul.

But thanks to the onslaught of the freemarket and the insatiable demands of the timber industry, the tribe is losing real estate and their means of survival. So now it's up to those big, bad socialists in Brasilia to help. Say they:

"These peoples have had their most fundamental rights, particularly their right to life, ignored—it is therefore crucial that we protect them."

I don't think it can be said too often that the whole "small government" libertarian shtick is a bunch of crap that makes sense only if you're i) an idiot, ii) a corporate CEO or iii) just hate everybody else. Here's one more practical demonstration.


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